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E-Election Portal

We will conduct entire election process electronically, by following all the rules and regulations.
We will create the event on the portal.
As per the rules, we will create the Election Officer in the portal.
We will provide separate Login excess to Election Officer.
We will create a panel of the candidates on the portal based on the information provided by you.
We will provide you LOGIN passwords equal to the number of members of your society.
You can allot Login Passwords and link of e-Election portal to your members and your members can access the portal from any PC or Laptop.
The system will record IP Address of the Computer / Laptop / Mobile used for nomination and voting.
Members can cast their vote only after entering the Login Password.
This password is for one time use only.
After the scheduled time of the election the link sent for casting the vote will get deactivated automatically.
After the completion of E Election process, we will provide the following list to Election Officer and the Society.
We will create the event on the portal.
No. of vote cast / candidate wise
IP address of the devices used for casting the vote.
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